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Olympus Pen digital

Rumours Posted on Wed, June 10, 2009 15:31:51

Olympus are now celebrating the Olympus pen 50th anniversary and are at the
same time announcing new 4/3 news, is this the new Olympus E-P1?

Many have taken this as a sign for an upcoming digital Olympus Pen camera.
This is what many people (including me) have longed for, a tiny camera system
with a large sensor (in small camera sense) and interchangeable lenses.

Expected specifications are still rumors but here they are!

* 12 Mp.
* 100-3200 ISO.
* 3″ LCD
* Same auto focus system as the Panasonic G1
* Video capture @720p
* comes in black/silver, and beige
* 17 mm f2.8 lens and 14-42mm kit lenses.
* Expected kit price 990usd.

“Spy” images has also been found on the “net” and here is some of them!

The original film pen to the left and the spy pic of the new digital pen to the right.
Hopefully we will get a fully black edition to!
Get it here when available!

New scanners from Epson the V900 and V950

Rumours Posted on Sun, January 11, 2009 15:44:59

Rumors says that the now outdated Epson Perfection V700/V750 (introduced mid 2006)
will be replaced shortly.

The new model is assumed to be called V900, I guess that we will see a V950 to
that will have similar upgraded software and optical path that the V750 to make it a slightly better performer than V700 :0)

What can we expect from this new Epson scanner?
Except for being the new top of the line flatbed/filmscanner from Epson
We might expect.
1. Real resolution to be closer to the stated theoretical resolution.
2. Better lenses (Dual).
3. LED light source for quicker warm up (The V500 already have this).
4. Glassless scanning (To compete with Microtek M1/F1).
5. Autofocus (To compete with Microtek M1/F1).
6. Updated software and even better digital ICE.
7. Lower price tag than the Epson Perfection V700/V750 (All electronics get better and cheaper)

Will I review it?
YES, this is the one that I have waited for I will get one A.S.A.P and I will review
it in my own special way with tweaks and everything just to make sure to squeeze
every possible quality from this machinesmiley