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Center ND filter!

The 6x17 Camera project Posted on Thu, June 07, 2007 15:32:58

Today I have been at the local camera store that are about to shut down.
I asked if they had a Schneider Kreuznach IIIB filter for my 90mm lens that
I use for the 6×17 camera, THEY HAD!!!!
And I got it for 110 Euro!
I’m rely looking forward to try it out.


Camera tested with the center filter by my friend Leif.

Breef future plans

The 6x17 Camera project Posted on Mon, June 04, 2007 08:50:10

During the construction of my 6×17 camera witch are my first camera project ever.
I came up with some new construction ideas that I will try to realize in the future.

I would like to build an ultra light carbon fiber version of the 6×17 camera, I would also like to implement a bellows, just to be able to use both my 90mm F8 Caltar WII lens and the Nikon W F5.6 210mm lens (I just bought it on ebay) in a quick and esy switch.

The bellows will also help to make the camera more compact and packable during hiking.

Thats for now :0)