Ricoh GRX is introducing a new way of making a compact camera with interchangeable lenses.

The GRX is basically a small frame containing a control, display and storage unit plus a platform like lens/sensor mount in witch you can slide a lens unit of your selection.

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Camera units are containing lens, image sensor and image processor and can hereby
use different sensor sizes and resolutions depending on lens type as we can learn from the first two lenses that is introduced.

Note: “lenses” has different sensor types and sizes, this is new and have not been possible in any compact or DSLR before the GRX!

As you can see in the ad above Ricoh doesn’t call it lens units but camera units and this makes sense since they are actually complete cameras without control units and could in theory be used without the body if a suitable computer interface was available (Can we get that Ricoh?).

In some respect this system reminds more like a medium format body and digital back system than it does to a DSLR.

Two good news about this system is.

The lens and image sensor is built in to one unit we also get a completely closed system and no dust can get to contaminate the sensor.

The camera unit with its sensor and lens can also be optimized for its particular task and any problem can be corrected by its own image processor witch it doesn’t have to share with other lenses!


The Ricoh GRX is something new and fresh but it might also have been introduced to late since the micro four thirds systems from Olympus and Panasonic is one step ahead in marketing right now!

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