RAID together four 16GB MicroSDHC cards makes a fast, 64GB Compact Flash card! You get the speed of MicroSDHC combined by four
cards that’s makes the MicroSDHC cards compatible with high-end (PRO DSLR’s), and older, digital cameras.

Perfect if you own a bunch of MicroSDHC cards for your point and shoot and decide
to step up to a high quality DSLR!

The card will be available by July/August 2009 and will be priced at $30
Together with the 4 MicroSDHC cards it will be a bit cheaper than a single 64GB CF memory card
when you add all the costs together.
Plus, you will be able to use the MicroSDHC cards alone in your P&S or phone
when they are not for use in the DSLR :0)