The perfect Photoshop keyboard?

The OPTIMUS MAXIMUS keyboard with 113 OLED keys
Can be configured to have different colors an symbol on each key at the
flavor of your taste.
This might look like the perfect keyboard for Photoshop users but at a quite
high price I must admit.

Anyhow there is an alternative for us cheapskates called OPTIMUS MINIMUS
that is a set of stickers that allow you to transform your keyboard in to the
perfect Photoshop tool.

The stickers will remark your keys with Photoshop shortcut symbols to make it easier
to find them, this is particularly useful for the Photoshop learner driver but can also
be handy for the pro as a help to find those less used function keys with.

Get it [here] for less than 8 USD it is worth a try!

The config tool for the Optimus Minimus

The configurator app for the Optimus Maximus keyboard!