Page 3 contains information and some images of the bellows construction
that are going to be used for my scannercamera.

The bellows will alove me to use different kind of lenses and make it easy to
change the distance between lens and scanner head to adjust focus.

This is the resullt of the bellows making.
Blog Image
To bee the first I ever made, it looks nice to me smiley

I also recieved the Russian lenses to be used in this project this week :0)

Scan back project now contains 6 pages!

Scanner camera project is on hold right now (I just killed my first scanner)
I will upgrade this scanner camera with a better scanner.

I have made some initial tests with the Lide 60 scanner and it looks promising.
The lide 60 is much faster than the 25 model, but will only work with Linux sane drivers and not at all with the available windows drivers.
More about this later in this project.

Meantime enjoy this simplified approach to a scannercamera.
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