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8ballhead teaser!

The 8ballhead XL project Posted on Mon, June 04, 2007 09:13:54

8ballhead is my newest project, plans and parts for this D.I.Y camera ballhead are laying arround all over my desktop.

like this one!
A 57mm Eightball smiley Blog Image

Camera bellows

The scannercamera project Posted on Mon, June 04, 2007 09:05:18

If you have been looking at my Scannercamera project page you might have noticed that I have two lenses on the way from Ukraine (I hope smiley ebay again!).

While waiting for the lenses to arrive I have built a bellows for the scannercamera.
I must say that it was quite time consuming, but much easier than i thought to build a camera bellow.

I will post some images and words about the bellow on the website during this week (V23 2007)


Breef future plans

The 6x17 Camera project Posted on Mon, June 04, 2007 08:50:10

During the construction of my 6×17 camera witch are my first camera project ever.
I came up with some new construction ideas that I will try to realize in the future.

I would like to build an ultra light carbon fiber version of the 6×17 camera, I would also like to implement a bellows, just to be able to use both my 90mm F8 Caltar WII lens and the Nikon W F5.6 210mm lens (I just bought it on ebay) in a quick and esy switch.

The bellows will also help to make the camera more compact and packable during hiking.

Thats for now :0)